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Digital Entanglement: What does it mean?

In the early twentieth century, Nikolaj Kondratjev hypothesized long term waves in our modern economy, characterized by alternating intervals of high and slow growth. Even though this theory is still criticized by several economists, it is a pattern that up until now, can be seen in technological evolution. After the Age of Electronics, IT and Telecommunications, we are moving into the Age of Entanglement and Machine Autonomy.


The Age of Entanglement started around 2010 with the rise of the Cloud, mobile internet and social media. Technology became an integral part of our lives where we no longer notice its appearance. A smartphone with fast internet connection has become an essential part to resolving discussions around the family table during the holiday season. We no longer ask each other’s business card at a conference, but share a LinkedIn QR code. We even started scanning our groceries ourselves, pay through a mobile app and when we are home, get personalized advertisements on the same app. Currently, we are moving further up this wave of Entanglement at an incredible speed, but what does this mean?


Entanglement goes further than a traditional connection between your smartphone and speaker to play music. It is no longer a mapped out network, but an interweaved web where everything is deeply connected. There is a two-way influence between linked points resulting in a complex system. We are creating an inextricable mix between different technologies, but also between technology and the offline world. Currently, we see this process in everything around us: people, technology, economy, politics, business, demography, education, and so on. Everything is interconnected, making the lines blurry. The strength of innovation is no longer in creating new technologies, but in connecting different technologies for a fluent experience.


Last month, we had the opportunity to see the incredible Tiffani Bova talk about the future of customer experiences at Frankly MSP Live. It struck us when she said: “I fear the day my fitbit tells my scale to lock my fridge.” The goal of this is to create a seamless experience for our customers where the use of technology goes almost unnoticed. This can offer a highly personal experience which is increasingly demanded by both customers and businesses.


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